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News published on March 27, 2008:

Wood-based litter protects against Marek’s Disease virus

A Poultry CRC-funded epidemiological survey of Australian broiler flocks has indicated that one of the protective factors against Marek's Disease virus may be the use of wood-based litter1.A survey of farms acr...
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Australia Poultry CRC
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News published on January 15, 2008:

Poultry Management: No pathogen risk in litter reuse

Preliminary results from a Poultry CRC project being undertaken by DPI&F Queensland examining the reuse of chicken litter across broiler cycles have indicated that levels of food-borne pathogens are not any...
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Poultry CRC
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News published on November 8, 2007:

UGA Helping Efforts To Move Poultry Litter Better

Whether it's fried, baked, grilled or skewered, Americans are hungry for chicken, eating 90 pounds each per year. And where there's chicken, there's poop.Despite Georgia's status as the country's top meat-chick...
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UGA Cooperative Extension release
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News published on August 21, 2007:

USA - Thermochemical process converts poultry litter into safer bio-oil

Foster Agblevor, associate professor of biological systems engineering, is leading the team of researchers in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Virginia Tech developing transportable pyrolysis uni...
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Virginia Tech press release
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News published on November 21, 2006:

USDA ARS - Testing Poultry Litter for No-Till Farming

Peter Kleinman plans to take his research on the road this fall. Every month or so, the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) soil scientist will leave the rolling valleys of Pennsylvania dairy country for corn, ...
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USDA Agricultural Research Service
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News published on March 28, 2005:

UK - Call For Poultry Litter Exemption

Poultry farmers have called for poultry litter to be excluded from the definition of slurry in the Nitrates Directive Action Programme. UFU Poultry Committee chairman, Thomas Douglas, said poultry producers ...
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Farming Life
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News published on February 28, 2005:

USA - Farmers using poultry litter need to avoid excess phosphorus on land

If farmers want to continue using poultry litter as fertilizer on their fields, they will need to avoid excess phosphorus going on the land. That is the advice of Dan Philbrick, Natural Resources Conservatio...
Source :
The Joplin Globe
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News published on December 10, 2004:

USA - Meeting To Avoid Poultry Litter Lawsuit 'Productive'

Talks in Tulsa designed to avoid a possible water quality lawsuit between Oklahoma and six Arkansas poultry companies were described as "productive" in a joint statement released Thursday. No details of a po...
Source :
The Morning News
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News published on November 8, 2004:

USA - UGA launches online litter matching service

The Georgia Poultry Federation and the University of Georgia have developed a web site aimed at connecting poultry farmers with those desiring litter from their operations. Poultry litter has proven to be a...
Source :
Poultry Times
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News published on October 28, 2004:

Australia - MP airs poultry litter power station concerns

A Western Australian Upper House MP has joined the debate over a proposed poultry litter fired power station at Muchea, saying he is concerned at the type of material that could be incinerated at the site. T...
Source :
ABC News
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