Egg Layer “Specialized” course in Utrecht, Netherlands (September 11-22)

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This Layers “Specialized” course, which will take place in the Utrecht Veterinary School from September 11th to 22nd, is an overview of important infectious and non-infectious diseases at different stages of pullets and layers production. The objective of the WVEPAH education program is to offer a highly specialized training on all specific aspects of layers health; pathology, epidemiology, genetics, nutrition, immunology, management, etc., in a format usable in your daily practice. The course also lays the foundation for more in depth studies on specific subjects covered in follow up courses.
The training is done by professionals for professionals, it is a problem solving approach favoring exchanges on true clinical cases suggested by Course Masters and participants with a part of practical work (wet lab). The formal academic part of the training already known from other sources is intentionally limited but available in course notes or suggested readings.
Dr. Mieke Matthijs (NL), Dr. Greg Cutler (US), Dr. Nancy Reimers (US), Eric Gingerich (US), Dr. Ian Rubinoff (US), Dr. Simon Shane (US), Dr. Wil Landman (NL), Dr. Christiaan ter Veen (NL) Moderator: Robert Gauthier (CA), Administrator: Pierre Cadot (FR).
- Know how to evaluate the birds’ microenvironment in relation to flock health and welfare.
- Gain advanced knowledge relating to mechanisms of disease causation for infectious and noninfectious diseases.
- Recognize normal poultry tissues and recognize abnormal poultry tissues, characterize lesions, and interpret their significance.
- Understand modern diagnostic technologies including both field and laboratory diagnostics.
- Plan a logical diagnostic approach to the investigation of disease (including the identification of risk and causative factors of poultry diseases).
- Collect appropriate diagnostic samples and perform relevant diagnostic tests for disease investigation.
- Know how to interpret diagnostic results.
- Develop preventive medicine protocols, including biosecurity, coccidiosis, and vaccination.
- Apply the judicious use of antibiotic therapy.
- Know supportive and alternative forms of treatment against pathogens.
Participants who complete the Module “Key disciplines in poultry health” including the “regulatory module” taught by representatives of the OIE and a Module “Specialized” could obtain the academic diploma “Certificate in Animal Health: Poultry Production and Health” awarded by the University of Luxemburg and validated worldwide by the OIE. The WVEPAH participants will join the international community of experts in Avian Health and Production.
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Omid Rahimzadeh
Veterinary Doctor
Re: Egg Layer “Specialized” course in Utrecht, Netherlands (September 11-22)
24/05/2017 | Hi
How can enroll in this course?
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Re: Egg Layer “Specialized” course in Utrecht, Netherlands (September 11-22)
25/05/2017 | send me the detail
Omoshaba Ezekiel
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Re: Egg Layer “Specialized” course in Utrecht, Netherlands (September 11-22)
25/05/2017 | I will like to attend this course but i dont know how to go about it.
Thanakrid Luupanyalerd
Regional Technical Manager-Vaccines-APAC
Re: Egg Layer “Specialized” course in Utrecht, Netherlands (September 11-22)
29/05/2017 | I am intersted to join this couse as well. Please provide more information how to enroll it through my e-mail address : Thank you so much.
Carlos Avilan
Community Manager
Re: Egg Layer “Specialized” course in Utrecht, Netherlands (September 11-22)
30/05/2017 |

Thank you for your messages. You can request information to the person responsible by clicking the link "Ask about this news release" at the end of the article.

Robert Gauthier
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Re: Egg Layer “Specialized” course in Utrecht, Netherlands (September 11-22)
11/07/2017 | to get complete information, please go to
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