Joaquin Paulino discusses feeding of piglets and pork production during Covid-19 crisis

Date of publication : 5/11/2020
Source : Engormix Interview with Joaquin A. Paulino, Animal Nutrition Consultant, Precision Animal Nutrition.

In this interview, Paulino commented on some of the topics covered in his recent presentation "Ultimate advances in the feeding of piglets" and offered advice on production during the COVID-19 crisis.

1. Can you talk about the importance of weaning weight in piglets and what an ideal weight would be?

Wean at 3 weeks on average (18 - 23 days) with an acceptable weight of 6.5 kg. She must wean 30.76 piglets/sow/year while the same farm weaning at 28 days (25-30 days) with a weight of 7.5 kg must wean 26.66 piglets/sow/year.

I sympathize with weaning at 28 days with an optimal weight of 7.50 kg. The piglet has more vitality and a stronger immune system to face the challenges of growth and fattening.


2. What are your recommendations on the use of enzymes in piglets nutrition?

Until approximately 28 days of age, the piglet’s digestive system is immature and the production of endogenous enzymes is low, with the exception of lactase, it is important to apply exogenous enzymes to improve intestinal health and digestibility of the pre-starter feed. Also, to reduce diarrhea of nutritional origin.


3. What has changed in terms of amino acid requirements in the diet?

Hyperprolific sows are giving birth with many low-weight piglets that have higher nutritional requirements than normal piglets, and when formulating rations, we must consider the requirements for the compromised immune system of these low-weight piglets, it is necessary to provide more amino acids than recommended by the houses.

The use of expensive sources such as fishmeal, animal plasma, and blood meal can also be replaced with crystalline amino acids and soy protein, and even lactose can be replaced by sucrose and dextrose.


4. Can you talk about some of the alternative ingredients that are becoming of common use?

There are alternative ingredients that can be used in pre starter of piglets, some are economical, and others are not: soy protein, fermented soybean meal, extruded soybean, micronized soybean meal, potato protein, nucleotides, precooked corn and sorghum, eggs in powders, etc.


5. How big of an impact has had this Covid-19 crisis on pork production?

The Covid-19 presents us with a scenario:

- Mandatory exclusion.

- Low income.

- Reduction of consumption of pork and other meats.

So producers have to offer very low prices to maintain consumer demand and reduce production. It is a time to produce more and better with less.

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