Google reported that Engormix has grown 50% in the last quarter

Date of publication : 6/29/2020
Source : Google Analytics

In its monthly report from May, Google Analytics reported that Engormix’s audience has grown 50% during the last quarter, measured in the number of visits to our social network.


Google is the global benchmark in terms of digital marketing and the most popular tool for communication planning among companies in any industry, including the agribusiness sector. The aforementioned report is the result of the analysis carried out by Google (from its Analytics application) regarding visits to the websites to which it sends users seeking information on specific topics.

This global audience made up of professionals, scientists, advisors, managers of agribusiness companies, producers, etc. -who require solutions on agribusiness issues and try to solve them by looking for an answer on Google-, are sent by this online search engine to Engormix, based on the characteristics of the content that we have been publishing for more than 20 years.

The procedure carried out by Google involves the use of algorithms that show results for searches that users carry out, and permanently updates the way in which these algorithms weigh the contents suggested in those results (articles, videos, news, forum comments and other information available on the Engormix social network, for example).

In the last quarter, Google has increased its recognition and confidence that the content published on Engormix is the most appropriate to show in response to users who access its search engine, and it is for this reason that our audience has grown significantly in the aforementioned period.


The opportunity that Engormix offers to users of this social network -that participate, comment and share valuable content on a daily basis- is the enormous repercussion and growing reach of its publications in front of a qualified and unique audience, due to its characteristics, taking into account the growth that Google indicates in its Analytics report.

In addition, these visits to the Engormix Communities achieve brand impact for our advertising companies, which manage to position their products and services in a context that is more than appropriate, due to the quality of the information available and the moment it reaches users of very specific profiles, which are the target that these companies pursue in their commercial and marketing strategy.

Engormix is the agribusiness social network with most users in the world -with the added experience of over 20 years in the market-, and it is, once again, recognized as the platform with the most appropriate content to address the problems of the industry.

If you are interested in learning how Engormix can help your company with its marketing and commercial strategy, enter HERE.

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