Amlan International Celebrates its five-year Anniversary of Asia Mycotoxin Analysis Center

Date of publication : 1/19/2012
Source : Amlan International

Amlan International, maker of Calibrin mycotoxin binders, together with The College of Science and Technology at Chaoyang University of Technology (CYUT) in Taichung, Taiwan, celebrates its five-year anniversary of the Asia Mycotoxin Analysis Center (AMAC), opened in 2007. 

Vice President of Amlan International, Dr. Ron Cravens said, "Proper livestock feeding practices are a critical part of maintaining a highly efficient and profitable operation. Knowing the mycotoxin levels in feed is a necessary step to fight toxin related diseases. We provide our customers the best analytical services, technical support and mycotoxin fighting products to help them stay profitable and maintain high quality operations."

Since opening, the AMAC has analyzed over 8000 feed samples for Aflatoxin, Fumonisin, Don, Ochratoxin and Zearalenone found in raw materials and finished feed. Amlan International covers all feed testing costs for Calibrin customers in the region. The AMAC recently purchased equipment that can identify low concentrations of melamine and plasticizer contamination.

President of CYUT, Dr. Chin Chung-Jen, expressed gratitude to Amlan International for its support over the last five years. "With the support of CYUT and Amlan, AMAC has been able to serve the entire region by providing mycotoxin analysis to customers in Asian countries. The professors and students in the Department of Applied Chemistry have had the opportunity to obtain advanced chemistry equipment, to improve the teaching and research levels, and to participate in international programs.

"By acquiring the new advanced equipment, the quality and capacity of analytical services by AMAC will be further improved. The expertise will also extend to the field of food safety. With the cooperation between CYUT and Amlan, we expect to continue offering reliable, scientific services and to become an outstanding model in international collaborations."

The AMAC laboratory is lead by Professors CS Chen, CC Chen and WJ Chien and is supported by 10 graduate students who service all customers in the region.

Professor WJ Chien, an AMAC supervisor said, "Asian countries produce and import lots of various grains for food and feed. Food safety control in the process of planting, harvest, packing, storage and delivery is very important. AMAC can provide the service and expertise of mycotoxin analysis for the feeds for the entire region. Based on the advanced equipment, the professors and the experts of Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) and Taiwan Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances Research Institute (TACTRI) nearby CYUT, we will be able to extend the scientific analytical services into the fields of chemistry, biology, agrochemicals."

Amlan International sells Calibrin-A and Calibrin-Z enterosorbents for mycotoxins. Calibrin products work fast to adsorb mycotoxins protecting your livestock from the negative effects of mycotoxicosis.

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