Neptune strengthens hydroponics capacity

Date of publication : 4/29/2008
Source : CNN Money
Neptune Industries, Inc. today announced the appointment of Gordon Creaser, an internationally renowned expert in hydroponics research and practice, as Vice President of HydroPonic Development and Operations.

Through his articles in magazines including Aquaponics Journal, The Growing Edge, Practical Hydroponics and Greenhouse Manager, and through his consulting work in Micronesia, Australia, South America, Canada, the Caribbean, The Bahamas, as well as in the United States, Gordon Creaser has establishing himself as one of the world's foremost authorities on Hydroponics, and has designed numerous systems both large and small for clients on 5 different continents.

Hydroponics, a method of growing plants without soil, represent a very large future revenue opportunity for Neptune that arises from its patented Aqua-Sphere(TM) fish rearing system. Aqua-Sphere(TM) traps fish waste in a closed containment system, rather than allow these wastes back into the water, and then utilizes these wastes to create highly profitable revenue streams, such as hydroponics.

Neptune is currently developing a significant 30,000 sf greenhouse for hydroponics on its Blue Heron farm in Florida City, Florida, and is also negotiating to develop additional locations in other states and jurisdictions.

Mr. Creaser said he has joined Neptune because, "I believe we have, through Neptune, a unique opportunity to transform the flawed and environmentally unsustainable practices of today's fish farming industry into a key source of hydroponically grown vegetables, lettuce and herbs, and I want to lend my years of experience to this magnificent work."

According to Mr. Ernest Papadoyianis, Neptune President and Chief Executive Officer, "Neptune recently completed seven months of hydroponic and aquaponic testing to determine the viability of growing a number of vegetables, lettuce, and herbs in combination with our fish farming operations. Fish waste is an ideal natural, organic fertilizer, and has proven to be very cost effective. We were very impressed with Mr. Creaser's credentials in producing successful hydroponic operations, and believe he will be an invaluable asset as we develop this arm of our business operations."

In addition to hydroponically grown vegetables, lettuce and herbs, Neptune's Aqua-Sphere(TM) system utilizes fish waste to create additional revenue streams through the growth of algae for biofuels and through the production of methane gas. These revenue streams will add significantly to the income of will next generation fish farmers that use Neptune's Aqua-Sphere(TM) system to grow fish in a way that does not pollute the surrounding waterways.
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