Castration in Pigs

Forum Castration of Pigs

Published on: 05/08/2008
Author/s : Dr. Allen Harper, Extension Animal Scientist – Swine, Tidewater AREC (Virginia Tech Cooperative Extension)
Castration of male livestock intended for meat production is a long standing management practice. In North American swine production, castration is essentially universal and only a select few male pigs are left intact as potential breeder boars. There are two primary reasons for feeding out barrows rather than boars in pork production. The first is behavioral. As the age and body size of sexual ma...
Re: Forum Castration of Pigs
08/05/2008 |

Dear users,

Marcelo Magnotti (Argentinian swine producer, and Engormix.com member from the Spanish area) sent us the video we are here presenting with his pig castration technique. We strongly warn about the graphical content of the procedure images, and therefore recommend discretion. We thank Marcelo for his kind contribution.

Brian Lishimpi
Pig farmer
Re: Forum Castration of Pigs
08/10/2013 | i castrated a piglet but i noticed the belly swelled after a few days
were did i go wrong
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