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Please I wil appreciate your comment, advise and opinions on this case.
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Fatty liver heammoragic syndrome
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TDear colleagues, I am also worried that klebsiella is still occupying a secondary place in diseases of poultry in most text, while indeed the wreck is very significant in the field.We need to do more and watch for its control, symptoms and treatment.
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Thank you for an exhaustive ,practical and yet scientific analysis of the pathogenesis of salmonella infection in poultry.In a community where antibiotic therapy in early brooding is still a norm, most especially against most other bacteria such as clostridium, strep, staph, and even E. coli , will such not affect a live salmonella vaccine.?i would have also loved your study to incooporate an oil ...
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Still on Gizzard Erosion, Differential diagnosis, 1)cyclopiazonic acid 2)Deoxynivalenol (DON) 3)cuso4 4)Acetysalicylic acid 5)Biogenic amines.(fish meal) 6)Rancid fats 7)tannin 8)Adenovirus stereotype 1. (9) Ibdv
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Hi, I think you need to take samples to the lab with a differentials of fungi and bacteria infections but not likely to be clostridia colinum .Nutritional reasons may account for the inciting cause but with peculiar management event facilitating it in the affected house. Pls feed us back with full story after diagnosis. Dr Alo
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Good article about aflatoxin in poultry feed. Feed additives will continue to play major roles if we consider practical farm situation,climate,and even scarcity in most cases.
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Dr, best article I have seen on Gumboro.A good mix of theory and practice.great job. Just want to add that organic selenium could be helpful in prevention also.What do you think?
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Dear professional colleagues, Mareks disease is a pain in the neck in the poultry industry.I convinced a rapid kit manufacture to make a kit for me which I found useful.i am concerned Because some literature support that mareks disease is only diagnosed if it results in neoplasm, while some literature believe in sub clinical mareks disease which only results in consistent mortality and immunosupp ...
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