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Israel - Off Tov to export poultry products to Jordan

Date of publication : 2/11/2005
Source : Globes Online
Off Tov Industries has announced that it recently signed contracts to export poultry products to Jordan's poultry preserves and sausage industry. Exports to Jordan will total NIS 3.5 million in 2005. The company expects exports to Jordan to grow over the next three years, and to export products to Egypt as well. Off Tov Industries CEO Moti Goldberg said the company's sales to the Palestinian Authority (PA) totaled NIS 7 million in 2004, and were expected to reach NIS 11 million in 2005. Off Tov recently spun off from Osem Investments (controlled by Nestle (SWX:NESN)) (TASE:OSEM), which continues to distribute its products. It is now wholly owned by the Mishkei Emek Hayarden Agricultural Cooperative Society. Off Tov had NIS 420 million in sales in 2004, and predicts NIS 500 million this year. Exports, excluding to the PA will total NIS 30 million this year, mainly to France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, and Moldova.
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