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APIs and Vitamin market

Published: March 31, 2022
Source : Ronnick FONG, Executive Director at Hangzhou De Mark Industrial Co Ltd. Issue No.: 2022003, Date: March 30, 20
The strict control of the successive outbreaks throughout the country resulted in the people staying home, the closure of roads and the suspension of production, and it had a negative hit on both supply and demand in the economic sphere, even though such severe control was not scientifically reasonable or necessary for the Omicron epidemic.
The domestic APIs market is currently maintaining weak. On the supply side, the overall market supply is not short while the production costs have not decreased, and most of the APIs are under sales pressure. On the demand side, the livestock farming industry continues to be in the doldrums. The dealers and end-users are not very active in purchasing. The resurgence of epidemics across China in March has not changed the downward trend of APIs, and the short-term market pessimism persists.
APIs market - Image 1
The pig breeding industry has become highly concentrated in large companies. With end demand still not strong due to the continued low pig prices and increased competition on the supply side of APIs, the market price may fall further even though they are approaching the previous lows and further threatening cost support.
Doxycycline HCl
APIs market - Image 2
Prices are still moving lower amid weak demand and a lack of big orders. The potential for capacity expansion in 2022 makes it difficult to support high prices, moving down from the high plateau of recent years to a more reasonable new price range.
APIs market - Image 3

Since 2022, tylosin and tilmicosin market has been maintaining a trend of downward adjustment, with the current prices have been in the vicinity of the previous low. Dragged by the weakness of the pig industry, the market may have an oversold phenomenon in the future market, but the space is small. It is suggested to pay more attention to grasp the appropriate procurement opportunities.
For other veterinary APIs market information and solid inquiries, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Affected by the international situation, the prices of basic chemicals rose sharply, and the cost of some products such as vitamin E and calcium pantothenate has gone up. The consumption performance of the downstream market is weak, and the purchasing intention is not firm. Traders still need some time to digest the high-cost inventory bought in the early stage; the sales are comparatively more active. The domestic vitamin market, in general, continued to be weak. However, as the weather gets warmer and the animal farming industry becomes more active, it is expected that the whole vitamin market will be difficult to go further down.
Vitamin A
APIs market - Image 4
On March 9th, NHU raised its quotation, ZMC followed to stop quoting and contracting. BASF's vitamin A1000 product will be available at only 25 per cent of the regular supply, as it said. Market attention has been strengthened.
Vitamin E
APIs market - Image 5
Market enquiries for this product have increased since the end of the Chinese New Year. With the suspension of quotations of ZMC vitamin E products at the end of February, the Chinese market quotations started to move upwards.
BASF and NHU were the first to raise prices in March, with BASF Vitamin E products increasing by 20% on 10 March. At the same time, the epidemic in Jilin Province worsened, affecting production and supply. Many industry players believe that vitamin E will be the only product that will sustain a high boom for a long time.
APIs market - Image 6
We believe that the tremendous price fluctuations of Calcium Pantothenate are highly related to capital manipulation, and we have kept following the trend of this product. Prices continue to rise in European and domestic markets. In early March, Yifan Pharm and Shandong Huachen quoted USD68/kg for export (for reference only). For more details, please get in touch with us.
Vitam B1/B2
Vitamin B1 and B2 raw material costs have risen, and manufacturers are willing to raise prices, but demand is weak, and market prices are suppressed. The launch of vitamin B2 products by Meihua Biotech in 2022 Q1 will further dampen the market.
Vitamin K3(MSB)
Market prices have been high over the past few months, and on March 21st, the market reported further strength and tight supply due to the increased cost of chrome ore imports from South Africa and environment protection upgrades.
APIs market - Image 7
OEM product of antibiotics premix used in complete feed for disease prevention and treatment. Active ingredient: Amoxicillin Trihydrate. Amoxicillin plays an antibacterial role by inhibiting bacterial cell wall synthesis.
Amoxicillin is insoluble in water. AMOXIDIS is formulated with innovative technology for a free soluble and stable premix and total efficiency in administration. Amoxicillin is very efficient and has a small dose in practical application. The Amoxicillin premix is presented with 10% and 30% content.

FLORDIS 40/100/200:
Broad Spectrum Antibiotic Against Bacterial Infections. Florfenicol 4% microencapsulated, 10% water-soluble, 20% water-soluble, 20% coated for the treatment of bacterial diseases of pigs, chickens and fish caused by sensitive bacteria, especially for respiratory system infections and intestinal.
APIs market - Image 8
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Ronnick FONG, Executive Director at Hangzhou De Mark Industrial Co Ltd. Issue No.: 2022003, Date: March 30, 20
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