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Christine Z. Alvarado: Fellow of the Poultry Science Association

Published: July 6, 2023
Source : https://poultryscience.org/About-Awards-2023
The status of Fellow is one of the highest distinctions a PSA member can achieve. The election to Fellow recognizes members of the Poultry Science Association for professional distinction and contributions to the field of poultry science and service to the Poultry Science Association. Not more than five members may be elected as Fellows at any one annual meeting. A two-thirds majority vote by the Board of Directors is required to elect any nominee as Fellow.
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Christine Z. Alvarado
Dr. Christine Alvarado earned her B.S. in Biomedical Science, and MS and Ph.D. in Food Science from the department of Poultry Science at Texas A&M University. Alvarado’s career has focused on serving the poultry industry in academia, government, and industry. In academia, Alvarado has been on faculty at Virginia Tech, Texas Tech, and Texas A&M University where she focused on poultry processing and further processing research to improve quality, process efficiency, and food safety for the industry. In addition to academia, Dr. Alvarado was a subject matter expert for the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service in the Office of Policy and Program Development in Washington DC where she helped develop policy and improve HACCP guidance. Currently, she works for Prosur, a clean label ingredient solution company. As a senior food scientist with Prosur, Alvarado manages innovative ingredient solution research for customers looking for clean, and transparent labeling. Dr. Alvarado also has a strong passion for educating the next generation of leaders in the poultry industry. Alvarado has dedicated the last 20 years to teaching industry courses and mentoring students in career choices. She lives with her husband Ron in upstate NY and has four amazing, talented, and kind children.
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Ricardo Hume
Ricardo Hume
7 de agosto de 2023
Congratulations Christine!
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