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Biovet S.A., leader in intestinal integrity

Published: December 9, 2020
Source : Biovet Alquermes

Biovet S.A., leader in intestinal integrity - Image 1

The optimal status of the digestive mucosa is an essential factor for animal health and meat and egg production

Health and productive performance are tightly related to nutrition. This is because digestive processes that take place in the intestines have a significant effect on productive results.

The intestine as a defense organ

The intestine is key for the organism because absorbs the nutrients from the diets and lets them enter the organism. Apart from its digestive function, it also defenses the organism. The intestinal epithelium separates the external environment from the internal one and is the first filter to protect the organism against harmful substances present in the feed.
For this reason, any factor that affects intestinal epithelium integrity can lead to the entrance of undesired agents and will have a negative impact on productive performance and animal health.

Intestinal integrity is subjected to constant threats

Intestinal epithelium is constantly challenged. There is a broad variety of agents that can affect it, such as microorganisms, mycotoxins, proinflammatory factors, heat stress or antinutritional factors, among others.
It is practically impossible to completely prevent the presence of these factors because they usually act simultaneously, so the mechanisms to maintain digestive mucosa’s integrity should focus on two aspects: the implementation of measures to minimize the presence of these factors and their negative effects; and to make epithelial cells stronger, so that they become capable to protect themselves and regenerate after being damaged.

Alquernat Nebsui strengthens the digestive epithelium

The digestive mucosa needs to be under optimal physiological conditions to deal with all the challenges. Alquernat Nebsui is a natural product that contains intestinal conditioner pronutrients.
These active molecules stimulate the physiology of the enterocytes thanks to the activation of genes such as CD1E and RUMBP2, which increase cell capacity to resist the harmful effects of several agents and decrease the probability to suffer enteric infections. In addition, if the epithelium is already damaged, these molecules stimulate the regeneration of the gut mucosa and recover the digestive integrity to prevent further damage. This is also achieved thanks to an improvement of the status of the tight junctions, essential to maintain digestive epithelium’s integrity.
Thanks to this effect in the intestine, Alquernat Nebsui improves productive parameters, such as growth rate and feed conversion, and decreases the prevalence of diarrhea. In egg production, it improves egg internal quality and the laying rate up to 6%.
Biovet S.A., leader in intestinal integrity - Image 2
Chart 1. There is an improvement of productive performance in piglets thanks to the action of Alquernat Nebsui in the digestive tract, which promotes a faster development of the digestive mucosa and a better adaptation to solid diets. It also helps to prevent enteric infections (decrease in the percent of piglets with diarrhea).
In broiler chickens the administration of Alquernat Nebsui can help to produce 40 more tons of meat and save 33 tons of feed per million of birds.

Aval 9, biotin source

Biotin is an indispensable element for the integrity of the epithelia, including the digestive one. It is a vitamin that can be synthesized by intestinal microorganisms or come from feed.
In intensive production, the combination of ingredients with low concentrations of biotin and the systematic use of antibiotics can cause deficiencies and lesions in the intestines and the skin, as well as a worsening of productive performance.
Because of it, the addition of Aval 9 to the diet is strongly recommended, as it is a nutritional supplement that provides biotin and intestinal conditioner pronutrients, which improve the absorption of this element (synergistic action).
 Biovet S.A., leader in intestinal integrity - Image 3
Image 1. Intestinal lesion caused by biotin deficiency
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