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Poultry Red Mite infestations and its effect on the egg industry

Published: May 15, 2023
By: Vinayak Ingredients
Poultry Red Mite infestations severely affect the egg industry. The consequences of red mite infestation in a layer operation produce a negative impact on feed conversion ratio, reduced egg production, an increase in downgraded eggs, and increased susceptibility to poultry diseases.

A novel product containing a stable combination of Plant-derived oils can be used for the destruction of PRMs biting the hens by systemically treating host birds via drinking water. LIMITER has been designed on a pragmatic and rational approach to reducing mites through a multipronged strategy. It induces gustatory avoidance along with olfactory repellency, contact, and vapor toxicity.
It gives effective protection to Farms and is safe for use leaving no residue.
Watch the Video for more Information.
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