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Herbal Natural Methionine from arosol

Published: November 10, 2014
By: Ing. Dragan Ionut

Hello, my name is Dragan Ionut from Elcomex Agroindustrial SA Romania. Because of the recent methionine crisis and because our capacity production was increased, we are not able to find dl methionine or OH methionine. I find on the internet this source of methionine - herbal natural from Arosol. Do you know anything about this source because I did not find any study about this. Thank you ing Dragan Ionut

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Ing. Dragan Ionut
Dr P Bhardwaj
13 de julio de 2016
Hi Dragon, Herbal Methionine is natural & organic replacement of Synthetic methionine like DLM or MHA. Herbal Methionine have same mechanism as of DLM in protein synthesis hence a suitable replacement for synthetic methionine. It is very safe for the birds while Synthetic methionine having chemical aspect exert some negative effects on Liver and kidney of the bird. you can go through the link for detailed study and clearance of doubts http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4279633/ http://alphafacts.blogspot.in/
Vijayaraghavan Gonuguntla
Agrilife India
1 de octubre de 2016
There are alternate methods to replace synthetic methionine supplementation. 1. DFM which can produce DLM in the gut 2. Nano Particles of DLM
Park W. Waldroup
University of Arkansas (USA)
2 de octubre de 2016
We have tested two sources of herbal methionine, neither of them had any methionine sparing effect when added to a methionine deficient diet. In reviewing some of the supporting data for one of the products it appeared that the basal diet they added it to was not methionine deficient.
Ing. Dragan Ionut
3 de octubre de 2016

Thank you Mr . Waldroup .
Can you tell me the name of this two products?
Thank you.

Aditya Agarwal
19 de noviembre de 2016
Dear Dragan, I would like to connect with you regarding Methionine, can you please let me how we can connect? Thanks and best regards, Aditya Flavourtrove,India
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