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AVIMATRIX® Product Approved as Zootechnical Feed Additive in the European Union

Published: July 12, 2018
Source : Novus International
BRUSSELS (July 12, 2018) – The European Commission has published the official regulation approving the AVIMATRIX® feed additive preparation as a zootechnical feed additive in the European Union.
AVIMATRIX® is an eubiotic solution containing benzoic acid, calcium formate and fumaric acid, embedded in a lipid matrix (Novus Premium Blend Technology). The additive has been thoroughly evaluated by EU authorities, leading to this breakthrough approval (2018/982).
This registration follows positive opinions from the European Food Safety Authority in 2015 and 2017, where the authority ultimately concluded that the inclusion of AVIMATRIX® feed additive preparation at a minimum dose of 500 mg/kg complete feed has the potential to improve the performance of chickens for fattening and chickens reared for laying. In reaching its conclusion, the EFSA took into consideration the significant improvement in feed conversion ratio seen in chickens fed AVIMATRIX®. Under the proposed conditions of use, the AVIMATRIX® feed additive preparation was also confirmed to be safe for the target species, the consumer, the user and the environment.
Linked to this milestone and building on the commitment to globally deliver sustainable, science-based eubiotic solutions to the livestock industry, Novus International has already deployed and achieved market clearance for AVIMATRIX® in more than 15 jurisdictions and countries outside of the European Union.
Novus International
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