San Antonio will host the 2016 AAAP Annual Meeting on August 6th

Published on: 07/19/2016
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The American Association of Avian Pathologists (AAAP) Annual meeting will be held on August 6-9, 2016 in San Antonio, Texas with the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Annual Meeting.   The AAAP Meeting will begin with the symposium: "Emerging and Reemerging Zoonotic Diseases" that will be held on Saturday, August 6. This will be an update on zoonotic avian influenza outbreaks, ...

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July 19, 2016
Hope,it would be a Nice event.
July 20, 2016
IB QX Control in Broiler Breeder
July 20, 2016
as an academic staff member in avian diseases, Zagazig univ , Egypt and in continuous contact with poultry producers, we must firstly understand the causes that contributed for Emerging and Reemerging Zoonotic Diseases" and their impact on poultry industry and also different prospects in prevention and control
The main topic in this concern is

a- insufficient attention to research on husbandry and management practices (Biosecurity measure ) that have a bearing on spread of pathogens from flock to flock and in turn initiate the evolution of newly emerging pathogens.

b- vaccination failure and vaccine failure and all the factors that conducted in this very important topic that require continuous inspection and evaluation.

C- understanding the interaction between pathogens ( vaccinal or field subtypes) and their immune pathway in different avian hosts and the resulting defense or lesions.

d- give a new insight on the role of every cytokine and IFN implemented in every emerged pathogen and their role in future protection of poultry health that in turn of great public concern.

a lot of success for all member
abeer shahin
Lecturer at Vet Medicine
Zagazig university

Specialist in Animal Nutrition
July 22, 2016
There were some pathogens bearing zoonotic importance.To safe guard the human races along with other livestock the crux of discussion should gather an extra mileage in order to ventilate the future guidelines and course of measures.Because of the reason the profession is pertinent to the poor farmers all pieces of protective measures including bio-security of any firm should be restricted to be within the pocket size of a firmer or economical to them,otherwise all speeches and counselling in the deliberation would become confined to a mere booklet. I wish such program as AAAP 2016 a success.
July 26, 2016
Please asked how I am attend the meeting AAAP
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