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Last comment: August 23, 2016
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Last comment: September 26, 2012
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Dear members, I would like to know your opinion about the use of recombinant vaccines to prevent ILT, Newcastle disease and Marek´s Disease in chickens. What are the advantages and disadvantages...
Last comment: August 3, 2011
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Last comment: July 21, 2017
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In my experience, during the rearing period of layer flock, most farmers faced problems with IBD and ND (resp.form/visceral form) at 20 to 30 days of age. Sometimes along with coccidiosis or colibacil...
Last comment: October 1, 2014
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Dear all salam I'm veternarian from Iraq and work as assistant lecturer in agriculture college work on vaccination programm against IBD and IB diseases i need any new researchs about this topic if any...
Last comment: October 31, 2012
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