Control of Gangrenous Dermatitis in Poultry Houses

Forum: Understanding and Control of Gangrenous Dermatitis in Poultry Houses

Published on: 06/24/2008
Author/s : Dustan Clark, Susan Watkins, Frank Jones and Bob Norton - University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service
DescriptionGangrenous dermatitis (GD) sometimes seems to occur almost spontaneously in birds 4-8 weeks of age. GD is also known as “gangrenous cellulitis,” “wing rot” or “red leg.” GD usually starts with the appearance of small pimples on the skin, soon progressing to involve large areas. Birds with GD have moist raw or dark areas where the underlying muscles are exposed. The breast, wings, rump a...
June 24, 2008
I remember I read an article on the use of Bacillus subtillis microbial culture to prevent and treat gangrenus dermatitis with excellent results. Can some reader throw light in this matter?

Dr.S.S.Chousalkar, INDIA
June 25, 2008
I liked very much your input on this case as I have come across it.
I saw another case whereby the skin around the vent had erosions which oozed a brownish exudate, then later formed scabs. This predisposed the birds to vent pecking which spread to become cannibalism. I don't know if it's the same case or what?
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