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Coccidiosis in South East Asia and its succesful control

Published on: 02/18/2021
Author/s : Maria Soriano, LVT at Biovet-Alquermes

WHAT IS COCCIDIOSIS? Coccidiosis is the main parasitosis of poultry in South East Asia. Weather and farm conditions, management practices, together with the high prevalence of vectors in the region, such as Alphitobius, ease the survival and development of coccidia. Coccidiosis is a disease present in the poultry industry worldwide affecting the intestine and therefore, the growth and performanc...

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February 18, 2021
Coccidiosis is common in commercial broiler and some time broiler and predisposing factor necrotic interties in Bangladesh. Coccidiostats use in commercial broiler and vaccine use in breeder. Due to the poor management Coccidiosis also occur after use of coccidiostats and vaccine.
Maria Soriano Maria Soriano
Médico Veterinario
Biovet Alquermes Biovet Alquermes
Constantí Tarragona, Cataluna, Spain
April 7, 2021
Dr Bidhan Chandra Das Hello Dr Bidhan, thank you for your comment. Anticoccidial plan should include biosecurity, management and hygiene practices combined with the use of prophylactic tools, such as coccidiostats and vaccines. As you say, sometimes, measures applied are not enough to beat the challenge present in the farm, and coccidiosis outbreaks can appear. In such cases, we strongly recommend to evaluate the complete coccidiosis control plan, and assess the option of combining the current strategy with complementary natural solutions, such as Alquernat Zycox, during high challenge periods, to control mortality and reduce the negative effects in performance.
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