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Saving feed cost by reformulating broiler diets with the use of Nutrase Xyla HS

Published: August 11, 2023
By: J. Stoops, A. Patra, G. Van de Mierop and K. Van de Mierop
Arabinoxylans (AX), a non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) and poorly digestible plant cell wall component, is by far the most important anti-nutritional factor in raw materials such as wheat and corn. Due to its abundance, location in the plant material and molecular structure, AX reduces feed digestibility considerably.
Firstly, water-soluble AX will increase the viscosity of the digesta in the lumen, making digestion and absorption of nutrients extremely difficult. Also, unfavorable hindgut fermentation is stimulated.
Secondly, water-insoluble AX is mainly responsible for the entrapment of nutrients making them unavailable for digestion and absorption.
Nutrase Xyla HS is a highly effective endo-xylanase product with unique characteristics that allows the product to stay active when high temperatures and severe pelleting conditions are used. Nutrase Xyla HS is able to efficiently reduce the anti-nutritional effects of both water-soluble and water-insoluble AX.
The aim of this trial is to investigate the effect of Nutrase Xyla HS to a corn-based diet with reduced energy matrix values on broiler performance.
The supplementation of Nutrase Xyla HS to the diet resulted in a positive effect on feed conversion. Specifically, a 5-point improvement in corrected feed conversion (FCc) was observed with the use of Nutrase Xyla HS compared to the positive control group, and a 4 point improvement compared to the negative control group. In this trial, no significant differences were observed in terms of the final body weight.
Finally, although the diet did not contain any high viscosity ingredients, supplementation of Nutrase Xyla HS to diet resulted in a clearly reduced intestinal viscosity compared to both control diets, thereby also improving digestion and litter quality.
The supplementation of Nutrase Xyla HS improved intestinal viscosity and feed conversion of broilers fed diets with reduced energy levels. Based on these trial results, Nutrase Xyla HS can be supplemented to a corn-based diet with matrix values of 100 kcal AME without detrimental effects on broiler performance.
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