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Efficacy of Phytogenic Respiratory tonic ‘Animunin’ in therapeutic management of CRD in poultry broiler

Published on: 2/12/2021
Author/s : Vijay M*1, Shivi Maini 2 1 Associate Professor, Department of Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology, Veterinary College, KVAFSU, Bidar (KS)-585401, 2 Deputy General manager, Indian Herbs Specialites.
Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD) is of high economic importance as this causes heavy production loss & mortality. Mycoplasma gallisepticum(MG) & Mycoplasma Synoviae(MS) is involved in polymicrobial “chronic respiratory disease” of chicken. Various antibiotics are used for management but pose the threat of MDR, & human food safety risks. Hence, the need of the hour is to find suitable alternatives for alleviation of sub-clinical infections and prevention of local pulmonary colonization of respiratory pathogens. A study was conducted to assess efficacy of polyherbal respiratory tonic Animunin®(M/S Indian Herbs Specialites, India) in Krisbro chicks positive for MG-MS. Day old broiler chicks from infected parent flock were obtained from ICAR Directorate of Poultry Research, Hyderabad, India. Chicks were screened for MG-MS infection at day 0. Positive 150 chicks for MG-MS infection were allocated to 3 groups(n=50). T0 being control group wasnt given any treatment; T1: Animunin @ 40 ml in drinking water/ 100 birds for 10 days (from day 16th-25th) ; T2: Tiamutin @ 25mg/kg BW for 5 days from 16th -20th day. Choanal cleft swabs were collected for identification of Mycoplasma by PCR method.MG/MS tires were recorded on day 0, 21st & 42nd . MG-A mean tires were 3136 in control, 1270 (59.5% reduction) in Animunin supplemented group T1, 1591(49.26% reduction) in Tiamulin supplemented group T2. MS-A mean tires were 9846 in control, 462 (95.5% reduction) in Animunin supplemented group T1, 683 (93% reduction) in Tiamulin supplemented group T2. Pulmonary histological changes were mild in T1 & T2 and severe in T0 revealing beneficial effectS of treatments. Airsacculitis score was significantly higher in group T0 (23) and lowest in T1 (8). Mortality was significantly lower in treatmentS (16% & 8% reduction in T1 & T2 than control). Mean Body weight at 6th week was significantly higher in Animunin supplemented group (2187.04g) followed by 2081.52g in Tiamulin supplemented group than infected control (1786.81g). trial results demonstrates that Animunin is as efficacious as Tiamulin for therapeutic management of CRD in birds. Animunin is unique combination of essential oils and herbal bioactives that do not exert any disadvantages of antimicrobial resistance and residues in meat.
Key Words: Mycolasma, respiratory, antibiotic resistence, titre, phytogenic
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