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High level of United Pork Americas speakers reflects the qualification of the event's discussions

Published: June 1, 2022
Source : http://www.unitedporkamericas.com/
Topics such as health, market, nutrition, biosecurity will be led by world-renowned experts in each area during United Pork Americas in September in the United States
With the most important themes for swine farming already defined, United Pork Americas, an event scheduled for the 7th, 8th and 9th of September in the United States, has an agenda full of the greatest experts in each area.
Some discussions will be about the global picture of swine health and biosafety, management of risks associated with the food supply chain, the main opportunities to reduce production costs and the revenue increase using artificial intelligence and big data models, planning for animal welfare in America and what every employer should know about the staff for the future swine farm. The topics will be covered by names such as Maurício Cabral Dutra, Scott Dee, Dennis Dipietre, Tom Stein, Maurício Souza, Joaquin Gadea and Osler Desouzart.
According to the United Pork Americas CEO, Flavia Roppa, for each chosen theme, a name with the highest level of expertise was selected. “UPA aims to be one step ahead of the real needs of the market. For this, we need to rely on professionals who have already faced the most diverse challenges in different countries and who can, with their experience, provide the shortcuts for the evolution of the sector,” she points out.
Flavia Roppa also highlights other topics such as management tools applied to biosafety in swine systems, from risk assessment to auditing, challenges related to the decision-making process of swine biosafety, keeping PRRS out of our farms, strategies for optimizing the growth curve from weaning to slaughter and effectively controlling risks in the era of price and cost volatility. “These are very complex topics and only great specialists, such as Paulo Emílio Lesskiu, Janice Zanella, Glauber Machado, Derald Holtkamp, Kent Bang, Irenilza Nääs, Jack Dekkers and Christine Mccracken, could be at the forefront of these debates,” she points out. “There will be forty speakers in total, and the qualification of each one demonstrates the level that the organization is preparing for the event,” she concludes.
Click on the link and learn about the speakers and themes of United Pork Americas: https://events.farmjournal.com/united-pork-americas-2022/2099831
Companies confirmed in United Pork Americas
Merck, Cargill, Topigs Norsvin, Arm & Hammer, PMI, Commodity & Ingredient Hedging, Aurora Pharmaceutical, Bimeda, Barn Tools, AP, Aervoe, Crystal Spring, Hamlet Protein, Summit Smart Farms, Innovative Heating, Ecto, Hog Slat, Mtech Systems.
Media Partners
Popular Pig, Engormix, Popular Pig Podcast, Suino.com, MAP, 333, Sunswine Group, Swineweb.com, Effelink, Infocerdo, ThePigSite, Pig Progress, El Sitio Porcino, Notícias Agrícolas, Academia Suína, SuiSite and SuinoBrasil.
Supporting Entities
Brazilian Association of Swine Breeders (ABCS), Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) and Instituto Mexicano de la Porcicultura (IMP).
High level of United Pork Americas speakers reflects the qualification of the event
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Giovana de Paula
Flavia Roppa
Mauricio Dutra
Scott Dee
 Dennis DiPietre
Tom Stein
Joaquín Gadea Mateos
Universidad de Murcia - España
Janice Zanella
Dr. Derald Holtkamp
Iowa State University
Irenilza de Alencar Nääs
Universidade Estadual de Campinas - UNICAMP
Jack Dekkers
Iowa State University
Christine McCracken
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