Oregano essential oil as food additive for piglets: antimicrobial and antioxidant potential

Published on: 03/04/2020
Author/s : João Dionísio Henn 1, Teresinha Marisa Bertol 2, Neusa Fernandes de Moura 1, Arlei Coldebella 2, Paulo Antônio Rabenschlag de Brum 2, Maurício Casagrande 1. / 1 Universidade Comunitária Regional de Chapecó, UNOCHAPECÓ. Centro de Ciências Agro-Ambientais e de Alimentos, CCAA. Av. Sen. Atílio Fontana, 591, Chapecó, SC; 2 Embrapa Suínos e Aves. BR 153, km 110, Distrito de Tamanduá.

IntroductionIn nutritional programs for swine, antibiotic and anti-microbial additives that act as growth promoters have been used in sub-therapeutic and constant doses ever since the 1950s. In post -weaning, these additives promote an average increase of 16.4% in weight gain and 6.9% in feed efficiency (Cromwell, 1991). However, despite of the evidenced ability on improving the growth performance...

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March 4, 2020

The most effective component can be Carvacrol? The Oregano Oil can contain 60-70%.
When considering cots Oregano Oil itself can be 5 times !! more expensive than Carvacrol made from Orange Terpenes. A cost effective product can be Oregano Oil mixed with Carvacrol if one requires other Oregano chemicals. Or for very cost effective then pure Carvacrol can be used? Also can enough Oregano be grown to meet demand of the Feed Industry?

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