Intestinal Health and Threonine Requirement of Growing Pigs Fed Diets Containing High Dietary Fibre and Fermentable Protein

Published on: 03/09/2021
Author/s : Michael O. Wellington 1,2; Rochelle B. Thiessen 1,2; Andrew G. Van Kessel 2 and Daniel A. Columbus 1,2. / 1 Prairie Swine Centre, Inc., Saskatoon, SK, Canada; 2 Department of Animal and Poultry Science, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada.

1. Introduction Combining different feedstuffs to formulate swine diets is essential for the supply of amino acids (AA), energy, and other nutrients necessary for optimal growth and nutrient utilization and production. While the main goal of diet formulation is meeting nutrient requirements, the impact different feedstuffs have on nutrient utilization (e.g., nitrogen retention) and intestinal phy...

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March 9, 2021

Dr. Andrew Van Kessel
I congratulate the work team for the study conducted. The results obtained seem to me to be consistent with those of the current literature. I would like to highlight, among other details, some of the evaluated parameters, such as; genetic expression of gut health markers and immune response, concentration of antioxidants in the serum, as well as the concentrations of ammonia, SCFA and BCFA in the cecum and colon digestes, depending on the levels of fiber and threonine in the diets, and their possible interactions. One detail that caught my attention was the fact that the high protein diet not only decreased the requirement for threonine to maximize protein deposition, but also increased the amount deposited. As experimental diets are isolisinic, this lower protein deposition, in diets with lower levels of protein, regardless of fiber level, could not be associated with a worse in the relationship of essential amino acids to non-essential.

March 22, 2021
A good point! Thanks for the feedback.
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