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vaccinating pregnant pigs

Forum: Vaccination for pregnant sows and piglets

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What would be the picture of vaccination to immunize pregnant sows in order that the piglets at birth, are immune to various diseases that attack them?? For example on my farm I have problems Colibacillosis and pneumonia.

What do you think??

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May 18, 2010

If you are sure that your piglets suffer with Colibacilosis problem, and vaccinating the sow would save you a lot of works in japping the piglets with antibiotics. You may consider Ecoli and clostridium vaccine which can be found in the market.(Littlrguard* LTC) which i know is works...
While for the pneumonia problems, you may vaccinate your piglets with M.hyo vaccine, since that the maternal antibodi for M.hyo do not really protect the piglets from M.hyo. Following that, during weaning, you may using program medication in your weaners diet...

April 22, 2018
Looking for a good over-all vaccine for pregnant sows & gilts. Sows & gilts have just been breed in this past 17 to 20 days.
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