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I would like some advice in regards to the proper dosage rate for oxytocin in sows, at present here in Russia our manufacturers recommend 2-3ml/sow of oxytocin 10iu, worked in the swine industry for m...
Last comment: July 29, 2011
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Dear Users, This is an interesting forum from our Spanish community, generated by Santiago Cabrera from Ecuador: What would be the picture of vaccination to immunize pregnant sows in order that the ...
Last comment: April 22, 2018
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I have been reading some really good research lately, but something about it bothers me. I do understand that a lot of sows are culled before Third Parity, and that this is a good place to start with ...
Last comment: May 10, 2015
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Factors Affecting The Colostrum Quality In Sows, And Thus The Survival Of Newborn Piglets: 1. The first point that I would like to make is that a “happy, well-conditioned sow” will both m...
Last comment: June 11, 2014
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The Canadian Pork Council and the National Animal Care Council agreed to phase out the use of all gestation stalls for pregnant sows in Canada by the year 2024. *After July 1, 2014 will use open hou...
Last comment: August 29, 2013
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I believe that as Animal Welfare takes more and more precedence, farrowing crates as we know them have their days numbered. I also believe as Animal Welfare Groups put more pressure on hog farm condit...
Last comment: August 10, 2013
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I would like to hear from others their experiences with inducing sows to farrow. In the early 1990’s, while working as a “First-Week Farrowing Supervisor”, I was taught to induce sows to farrow. If ...
Last comment: May 20, 2013
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“ Continuous Farrowing: Does It have a Place?” ( By Paul Walker Thompson July 13, 2013 ) I recently read an old article on “Continuous Farrowing”. Having been exposed only “All-In/All-Out ...
Last comment: December 28, 2012
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I have started a small pig business of one sow which is due 6th October. How can i care for the pig in order to bore litter which are health and a large number of piglet.? thanks...
Last comment: August 16, 2011
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What factors contribute to low lactation feed intake the first week post farrowing? What can be done to improve this condition?...
Last comment: August 27, 2010
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Anyone knows what are the most common causes for mastitis? What treatment should I start on affected sows? Is it a bad milk for the piglets? Thanks for helping. Roberta...
Last comment: January 9, 2004
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