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Copper is Essential for Piglet Performance

Published on: 03/01/2017
Author/s : Novus, Gavin Bowman

The weaning process is a stressful one for piglets. A new environment, penmates and feed source can all impact their feed intake and growth potential. Meeting their essential nutritional needs during this transition is critical to minimizing stress and maximizing feed efficiency, overall health and performance. Certain nutritional elements, although needed only in small amounts, are important fo...

Marco Baroni
Agro Technician
Re: Copper is Essential for Piglet Performance
01/03/2017 | I think that the use of chelated minerals is essential in the food of gilts in growth to prevent osteochondrosis joint and prevent lameness lengthening the productive career.

I wanted to ask if there is news of chelated minerals on perinatal transfer, in addition to iron deficiency? What new strategies are used for the transfer of micronutrients during perinatal?

Ferdinando Almeida
Animal Nutritionist
Missouri, United States
Re: Copper is Essential for Piglet Performance
22/03/2017 | Marco, we have done some research on the poultry side where we confirm the transfer of chelated minerals to the baby chick to a greater extent (higher mineral concentration in yolk and tissue) than that of inorganic trace minerals. This, in turn, resulted in better performance for the progeny. In pigs, we have observed carry over effects of feeding sows with chelated minerals and the benefits it has on the performance of the progeny as well.
Marco Baroni
Agro Technician
Re: Copper is Essential for Piglet Performance
22/03/2017 | Thank you for your response as a technician I am convinced that the chelated trace elements have a great impact on all stages of reproduction. The needs for trace elements in adequate amounts and in their chelated form is essential for the sow iperprolifica current. They have demonstrated the increase in the size of litters, as well as the reduction in lameness and premature eliminations. It also increases the quality of piglets at birth and at weaning and this helps to reduce pre-svezzamentro mortality and increases the weight at weaning.
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The weaning process is a stressful one for piglets. A new environment, penmates
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