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Cannibalism in pigs

Cannibalism in growing pigs

Dear friends, I have 15 porks in a wide barn. They have plenty of food and water, but yesterday I saw one of them trying to take a bite from another pig. Looking carefully I found some bite marks on this pork, which have healed (they were light). Should I put this animal away from the rest to protect it? Thank you for the ideas you may come with...

Sarah Mitchell
Sarah Mitchell
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May 22, 2004

Interesting Article About Cannibalism in pigs. A better solution would be to find the pig that is doing this, and remove it from the rest. Sometimes a change in the environment will trigger this behavior.

May 30, 2006
Check Diet
Usually in growing pigs their diet is responsible for alot of behaviors to do with cannabalism. If they are biting at the flank of the pigs near the back leg then it is salt levels that may have ped and therefore they look for a replacement source.ie flank
If it is tail biting it can be just stress but often an unbalanced feed try switching to something else and see if problem quits or just ask for a reformulation because of tailbiting and mill may take care of it for you. Removing one pig is the easiest to start but doesnt always solve underlying problems.
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