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Phileo by Lesaffre
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Phileo by Lesaffre

Reduction of the effects of mycotoxins in feed - Virginie Marquis

Published: November 2, 2016
Virginie Marquis, Toxicology and safety product R&D manager at The Farm - Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care, talks to us during Phileo's Global Ruminant Symposium on Health & Management in Toulouse, France.
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Virginie Marquis
Phileo by Lesaffre
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Ram Singh
3 de enero de 2020

Dear Virginie, can you give me some material/product to reduce mycotoxins effects in ruminants particularly Buffalo and cattle.

siva kumar
23 de agosto de 2021
Very interesting, for mycotoxin I am using calibrin Z French clay , If this is really working well good for aquaculture industry , mycotoxin thread to aqua industry
Jonathan Tarus
19 de octubre de 2020

Thanks for your concerns in mycotoxins. What is the status of mycotoxins in sillage and which mycotoxin is common? How are your products used and how effective are they?

29 de marzo de 2020
Hi I'm a PhD in poultry nutrition I'm interested in posting recent research. Thanks
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