Mycotoxins effect on poultry production

Forum: Mycotoxins Problems in Poultry

Published on: 12/08/2011
Author/s : Carlos A. Mallmann (LAMIC); Paulo Dilkin ; Adriano Olnei Mallmann ; Alexandro Marchioro
ABSTRACT Mycotoxins are contaminants of many cereals and derivatives used as ingredients in poultry diets. They are considered secondary metabolites produced by fungi that develop well in tropical climates. When they are present in moderate to high concentrations in the diet, it might result in death, and when used in low doses, it may compromise production indexes, such as decrease...
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Iman M Hamza Iman M Hamza
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
July 27, 2012

thank you very much it is a very nice informative Article .
i wonder if there any study about the sensitivity of mycotoxins to different breeds of chicken. and the susceptibility of different breed of e g maize sorghum or other grains to fungal infection.regards

Dr.shahzad  Naveed Jadoon Dr.shahzad Naveed Jadoon
Animal Nutritionist
July 29, 2012

Great piece of information.
I am wondering information on effect of low level of aflatoxins below 20 ppb in poultry. Article sharing in broiler breeder effect in hatch ability would be appreciated .B 1 metabolites in poultry egg and meat information can be good information as well.

Carlos A. Mallmann Carlos A. Mallmann
Veterinary Doctor
Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
July 30, 2012

Dear Dr. Jadoon,

Controlled studies are performed with higher levels of mycotoxins. The goal is always to obtain a statistical difference. Due to the reduced number of animals these levels are required.

We conducted only one study with laying hens. There was mainly an interference in egg size and mortality in the third week. Our experience, report problems with lower levels, largely because of other associated factors. The transfer of aflatoxin B1 and 1-3% for milk. 

I'm just giving you information of our studies at the University and the Institute SAMITEC, as well as observations of consultations we did in the companies. These always associated with the analysis results. 

Best regards

September 27, 2012

Dear Mr. Carlos,

Indeed a very good article and explained in the simplest manner for readers. This problem originates from storage and I would humbly submit to the feed millers & grain handling companies to improve storage to minimise mycotoxins problems. Not only this effort will improve quality of meat but will certainly gave an extra satisfaction of serving the humanity by providing quality meat.

Once again appreciate the efforts of Mr.Carlos for presenting a good article on the burning issue related to livestock industry as a hole.

Best Regards,
Mian Tariq Pervaiz

Dr Adel Mohammed Hassan Dr Adel Mohammed Hassan
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
October 3, 2012

Dear Mr Carlos,

Would you mention types of antimycotoxins that can be used to overcome these proplems?

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