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“Bringing NutritionTechnology to Market” As animal nutrition science advances at an ever increasing rate, so are new product technologies coming to market faster than ever before. DLM_Mkt
Bachelor of Science ANIMAL SCIENCE
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Mathieu Cortyl and others, There is no mention of using hydrochloric acid, the piglet's natural in vivo acid, as an option. Any thoughts?
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Dr. Broes, Thank you for the references. Dan
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Dr. Broes, It would make sense that if the virus is reduced, the secondary opportunistic bacterial invaders such as salmonella will also be reduced. I don't believe that the pcv is the reason for ear necrosis. Erik, Have amino acid and mineral levels been reviewed? As deficiencies in several of theses have been associated with tail and ear biting. allowing injury access points for pa ...
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Mr Paulino, Previous production experience has shown an increase in e-coli scours when sucrose is used. This was observed over 30 years ago. Any thoughts on this? Dan L. McDermott
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Annellie Diericx In you introduction you mention ION OF BOTANICAL EXTRACTS. Can you expand on this ingrediet and its function?
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Dr. Taylor and others In reply to Dr. Taylors question on economics of milk replacer usage. If we use an assumed production level of 12.3 pigs born live and 10.9 pigs weaned, there is the birth to wean deathloss opportunity of 1.4 piglets (11.3[percent] birth to wean deathloss). The day 1-2 deathloss will not be effected by milk application. Starve-outs, laid-ons, and the effects of bad milk c ...
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Dr Taylor, I agree with Henry Rosolowski from Manitoba, Canadas assessment that piglet nutrition begins during gestation. Factors including total pigs born, pigs born live, stillborn pigs, piglet uniformity,and piglet wt as well as the piglet tissue composition, energy status, and immune status may all be influenced proir to parturation through sow nutrition. Then sow nutrition also greatly ...
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Dr. Taylor, I believe that to build a piglet feeding program one must first look at management practices and current production levels in the system. Questions such as 1.) Is the birth to wean death loss large enough to apply a milk replacer feeding stratagy? There are several stratagies that may be used, dependent upon production levels and economics (ie.. contract piglet pricing or retained o ...
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Dr. I agree with your assessment that there are companies representing synthetics as natural EO. I was contacted by one company from Asia which listed its raw material for Oregano Oil as being Orthocresol, metacresol, and 2-chlorine propane. Would this be an example of what to watch out for?
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There are natural products available today that will also stop the microbiable fermentation of ethenol production without the risk association of antibiotics. Therefore, I believe there is no reason to pose the risk!
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