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Syed Farjad Zaidi We have a special intelligent fan control unit. This unit can be installed and needs an input signal from the excising climate controller. The signal must be 0-10Vdc related to the calculated ventilation capacity.
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I am from Opticon Agri Systems, The Netherlands. Measuring and projecting performance allows you to choose the feeding strategy that reduces the feed costs and, as a result, gives the best chances for increasing profitability. After all, you can only improve what you can measure.Improve flock performance through measuring'You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure'We manufact automation a ...
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OPTICON AGRI SYSTEMS offers a complete package of automation systems for the modern poultry farms. This includes climat control, bird weighing, feed weighing, licht and water control. All connected via central internet system on your PC or cell phone.
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Overview of bird weighing systems
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Bird weigh computer
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Dear Sir, we are involved in complete automation of poultry houses, including the pad cooling parts. I can send you all the details about this. Please send your email for inquiry to
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26 mtr wide broilerhouse
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