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Good Day Ray Thank you for sharing this cultivation knowledge with us. Please always share knowledge related to aquaculture to me. Regards, Robin
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Dear Dr. Francis, dear Dr. Banerjee,There has been numerous information on the use of KDF in various fish and shrimp species since several years. The trial reported above is yet another study, this time reporting the impact of the additive under field conditions in tilapia with a bacterial stressor. You will certainly agree with me that it is always tricky to establish completely randomized design ...
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Dear Mr. Rao, KDF is specifically made as a crystalline product, in order to achieve the double salt (therefore diformate) structure. If you mix KDF with water directly, the product will break into formic acid and potassium formate, which will have a limited effect only. KDF needs therefore to be mixed with the feed during production. A spraying afterwards is not recommended, it could lead further ...
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