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Enzymes are widely accepted to improve the utilization of nutrients in poultry diets and increase the capacity of birds to perform on less digestible feed ingredients. However, increasing volatility in raw material prices for feed ingredients and stricter regulations on feed safety to control salmonella in poultry production, are changing the way we formulate and process poultry diets and requires ...
Article published the January 17, 2018
Introduction           Animal production in general and chickens, in particular, play important socioeconomic roles for many poor rural households in developing countries (Alders, 2004; Salam, 2005). In sub Saharan Africa, 85% of the rural population keep chicken; and support the provision of affordable animal protein and household cash income (Ambali, 2007 and Aklilu ...
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I think the idea is good because when the broiler growing in cage, they prevent from contamination of litter and other residue which was found in the house. But cage is restrict expressing their natural behavior and it raises the welfare issue.
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