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Participation in Forum on March 5, 2014
Dr. Faouzi, Thank you for viewing. Yes, Prebiotics can be mixed with anticoccidials without loosing beneficial properties of either additive. Thank you. Dr. Jalukar
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Dr. Rath, Thank you for your comments. Prebiotics can be used with all feed formulations since they are stable and can with stand heat during pelleting. They are not known to react with other components of the feed. Prebiotics like other feed additives fed for better FCR or health will tend to be more effective when there are challenges present.Thanks. Dr. Jalukar
Video published on December 26, 2013
Sangita Jalukar Ph. D., Product Development & Research Coordinator at Vi-COR speaks about the use of prebiotics in poultry at the Latin American Poultry Congress 2013, El Salvador.
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XXIII Latin American Poultry Congress 2013
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