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It is true. In Nepal fish feed fermented for few days resulted digestibility & fish growth in carp fry. Similarly fish feed mixed with pest of tender grass & yeast, allowed to ferment for a week has not only increased feed digestibility but also improved feed appetite in carp fry.
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This is an interesting topic and I've gone through your paper. it is sure immune system is very useful so as in higher animals. I am sure this will support not only high production but also improve the health condition of aquaculture species. Only we have to take notice that the chemicals if applied should not develop any side effects in the human health.
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it seems interesting and need to do experiment on fish diets for .all stages of fish.
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Jayasree.s Although Tilapia is very good and tasty fish, good for intensive production either in pond, raceways or cages/pen. Its breeding programs should be done by specialized tilapia hatchery, which maintains genetically pure brood and distributes the pure seed to farmers. Farmers need to purchase each year for stocking. Once the Tilapia is released into the natural then it starts dominating on ...
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Yes Tilapia beings a miracle fish it posses also many problems in producing all male on top of that it spread quickly in the natural invitonment and causing threats to all local fish spp.we have small lakes in Pokhara where we did not intentionally introduced but it might have come with other spp while stocking seeds from other fish farm. Now the situation is such that although fish catch has incr ...
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A phytobiotic was able to reduce Vibrio counts in intestine and hepatopancreas leading to an increase in survival and better health.Shrimp farming is growing very fast in recent years, due to the high profit margins which present a good opportunity for those with interest in this sector. In Asia the production of Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) was more than 3 million tonnes in 20 ...
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