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Poultry diseases lab diagnosis ,treatment, management.giving advice for farmer by good bio-security .
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Luis Miguel Gomez (Solla Group, Colombia) shared insights on the effects of feed restrictions in poultry, during the 1st PoultryUniverse Coccidiosis Congress in Curitiba, Brazil.
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I agree, a lot can go wrong in between vaccine preparation, administration and production of a protective level of antibodies by the bird. Above comments already show a nice overview. Another topic I would like to add to this discussion, is the use of in feed solutions to enhance vaccination efficiency. Quite some scientific research is done on this topic, like for example this publication, relat ...
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Dr . vighane the infectious bursal disease (IBD) vaccination depen upon the daventer formela to test the mab and top bio-security and my suggestion is you go to vaccinate at 14 days only in IBDL VACCINES IS THE BEST DR MOHAMED KHORSHED
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Dear Dr. Yannik Good article of Gumboro disease. I accepted with my friend from Arbil for post any vaccination that give to broiler at 2 week may cause high mortality if we see respiratory sings because in iraq are IB AND AI are very endemic and pandemic bot mor problem are in secondary infection by E-COLI AND MYCOPLASMA with best wishes Dr. Mohammad khorshed AL-Iraqi tikrit Ph.D student in Baghd ...
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