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Ph.D., BVet Med, BSc (Physiol), MA (Cantab), PTLLS
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Ph.D., BVet Med, BSc (Physiol), MA (Cantab), PTLLS
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A poster presentation for the coming World Veterinary Poultry Association [WVPA] Congress in September 2017, on this topic, has just been published.... "Treatment of Egg Apex Abnormalities (EAA) caused by Mycoplasma Synoviae, with Denagard and Tylan in the Field" Mycoplasma synoviae infection causes disease in layers and breeders with egg malformation due to microorganisms colonising the chicken&r ...
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Egg Apex Abnormalities (EAA) caused by Mycoplasma Synoviae
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My colleague, consultant veterinarian David Burch, has published a number of updates in 2016 on the evolving situation in the EU & Asia, regarding concerns that pigs and pork might be a source of antibiotic resistance in humans. ASIA: "Antimicrobial Resistance - The Link between Animals and Man" [Presentation at the 15th Chulalongkorn University Veterinary Conference 2016] http://www.octagon-serv ...
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Pig A.I.
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