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This Pale Liver Complaint is found in many Farms .mortality is not increasing but processing plant people raises the issue due to Huge rejection of Liver in Market. We are Trying with Anichol L (Cholene) IBH vaccination in day old. MD vaccination in day old, but the problem is still increasing from branch to branch, kindly give me your valuable suggestions.
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Thanks alot Doctors for your valuable comments , Many Many Farms we are facing this problem not only for a particular flock or farm,We are adding choline @ 1kg/MT in normal feed and We are treating with Anichol-L in infected flocks@ 100mg /kg (choline chloride),we are not adding DORB but adding rice polish @ 30kg/MT.and keep on monitoring the rancididity of Rice polish, kindly Guide me for next ...
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Dear friends please give me ur support to tackle this problem.
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Pale Liver Complaint
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