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You do not invent survey programs. Surveys on mycotoxins have been carried out for 30 years and by many different group. And as it is mentioned on your website, your surveys are only on aflatoxins, zearalenone, deoxynivalenol, fumonisins and ochratoxin A.
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This is one of the reason why we took also into account in our evaluation the 70+ scientific papers related to the impact of naturally contaminated mixtures of mycotoxins evaluated in all major species so that the synergic properties of those toxins could be accounted for. The 37+ has already been in place for 2 years and in our case we are focusing on 37 major mycotoxins that can account for effe ...
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The evaluation of the impact of mycotoxins on animal performances and toxicity has been studied for many years. It is quite impossible to list here all scientific references but they can be easily found through journal publishers. The European Union (EFSA) and prior national safety agencies, as well as authorities around the globe, have also organized task force workshops to the reviewing and eval ...
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An increasing amount of work is focusing on integrated agricultural strategies to provide control measures to ensure that food, feed and the environment are mycotoxin-free.However, the mycotoxins represent an unavoidable risk that necessitate analytical tools for their determination as a selective “surveillance radar” to the removal of the material that is at risk. To provide an adequa ...
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The significant research focus on mycotoxins in recent years has dramatically increased our awareness and understanding of mycotoxin nature, occurrence and impact on modern animal production. Mycotoxins in feedstuffs represent an unavoidable risk due largely to environmental factors. As a result, analytical tools using a holistic approach are needed to understand multiple mycotoxin contamination p ...
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Article published the July 30, 2012
The significant research focus on mycotoxins in recent years has dramatically increased the awareness and understanding of the nature, occurrence and impact of mycotoxins on modern animal production.Without any doubt, mycotoxins truly represent an unavoidable risk because of the large spoilage and unpredictable contamination pattern associated with mycotoxin biosynthesis, which is largely due to e ...
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Dr. Alex Yiannikouris, Global Analytical Research Director for Alltech’s Mycotoxin Management team on the 37+ program and the holistic approach to analyzing the challenges in the industry.Emerging technologies such as LC-MSMS, an analytical method for investigating more than 30 different mycotoxins quantitatively in less than 15 minutes, has been developed and nicely complements the pool of ...
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Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites secreted by moulds, mostly belonging to the three genera Aspergillus, Penicillium and Fusarium produced in cereal grains as well as forages before, during and after harvest. Forages and cereals naturally come into contact with fungal spores. The fungal contamination of plants and the biosynthesis of toxins depend on the state of health of the plant before harve ...
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