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Mustafa Ezat Dear DR mustafa greeting combination of Vector ND with Inactivated ND, results varies based on the epidemiological situation in each area and type of production in broiler , you can use vector ND instead of one-day old inactivated ND then use inactivated at 7-9-day of life together with 2-3 live ND in endemic areas in layers flocks, can use vector ND and it will be add value to the ...
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Dr. Algis Martinez 100% agreed as per my observation Rodent itself is responsible for the outbreak of FC if you are able to control the rodents in your area not only In your premises, you are one step closer to eliminate the FC from your farm .vaccination itself not a complete remedy for FC because every time with the changes of weather we have observed the mortalities of FC in Vaccinated Flock to ...
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manar mohie ME can be increased by higher inclusion of grain and this is only achieved by the reduction of insoluble fibres in feed bcoz you can not reduce the requirement of protein so the higher inclusion Of grain is responsible for higher ME in your feed that also increases the incidence of Abdominal fat deposition, higher inclusion of fibre will need a longer period for digestion so this highe ...
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We all know that rodents, cats and pigs are the main source of Pasteurella multocida for commercial poultry and therefore, POOR HYGIENE is the main culprit for fowl cholera. Those farms where hygiene, rodent extermination and proper Biosecurity have been ignored, are the ones that keep breaking with the disease. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost not just due to the economic impact of the ...
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Prolapse can be due to management failure like target body wt ,uniformity, of 10th wk and 16th week and few pathological conditions like worms, enteritis, may be due to calcium and phosphorus balance in ration, and last but not the least, a fat accumulations inside the body, but apart from these one of the most important reason that we observed in india is less insoluble fiber content in your feed ...
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DEB is much needed but apart from DEB the much needed things is quality of ingredients and enzyme inclusions.
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Go for Ib titer it's because nepropathogenic strain of Ib.
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