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IBH is a oportunistic disease in many ways. I have seen the disease in all ages o birds. From beoilers to pulets and layers. It is opportunistic disease in stressed Lors or immune suppression conditions. Thus evaluate your situation and assessed other primary diseases such Marek, NCD, Respiratory disease complex with Mycoplasmosis, micotoxins in the diet or environmental heat schok and changes in ...
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One thing that always concerns a pathologist is Avian Oncovirus. Please read this paper supported by Promed. In my experience I have seen many hepatitis problems on people working directly with poultry slaughterhouses, cattle and pigs. Exposure to poultry oncogenic viruses and the risks of deaths from liver and pancreatic cancer Felini et al (2011) Annals of Epidemiology 21:755-766 6 January, 2 ...
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This is a important aspects to read about for actors of the Poultry Industry and related technicians including Veterinary poultry Practitioneers. Minimal Universal Protection Measures are to be requiered when manipulating necropsies, Meat Products pacling while fully research is done in the near future. But the relationship between avian oncogenic cancer in chicks and turkeys seem to be related to ...
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