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Participation in Forum on March 20, 2017
From my experience about coccidiosis vaccine ,the succes depending on some factors mainly vaccine application,management and keeping gut integrity so we should focus on necrotic enteritis when we apply the vaccine so we should monitor gut package complaints .finally coccidiosis vaccine is not just ampoule,it is programme including vaccine ,application and follow up and monitoring .
Participation in Forum on February 20, 2017
Good approach vaccination against coccidiosis I would like to ask about 1.age of vaccination 2.route of vaccine application 3.monitoring of vaccine cycling 4.age of marketing of the flock 5.time of vaccination.thanks
Participation in Forum on October 11, 2016
On the level of field application and from the point of protection is the use of whole virus antigenic mass traditional vaccines better than the vector vaccines .
Participation in Forum on October 10, 2016
Several factors are involved in prevention and control of poultry diseases including: 1st is biosecurity, 2nd vaccination programme and application, 3rd nutrition, 4th management, 5th selection of day old chicken quality, 6th reporting and evaluation of each production cycle.
Participation in Forum on September 5, 2016
Thank you doctor for all your efforts and work if you please why this study not involve Egyptian market as it constitute more than 30% from the total population of the market although we here suffering from respiratory complex diseases including infectious bronchitis so this study required more investigation for Egyptian market to have more accurate results.thank you
Participation in Forum on December 31, 2015
Ascites in broiler flocks : the major causes are correlate to dysfunction of circulatory system ( heart) ,renal failure and liver disorders if we look for the previous organs and look to our farm management and nutrition we can determine the major causes of ascites which are 1st liver dysfunction due to aflatoxicosis or excess use of antibiotics 2nd hypoxia due to low level of o ...
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