Agus Budiansyah
Doctor in animal science
I am a lecturer in poultry nutrition at Faculty of animal nutrition Jambi University
Doctor in animal science
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Introduction Plant materials including flowers, roots, bark, leaves, seeds, peel, fruits, and wood can be used to extract aromatic and volatile liquids known as essential oils (EOs) (1–3). These EOs have a long history of use for medical purposes, in perfumes and cosmetics, and as herbs and spices for foods. EOs are considered to be secondary metabolites in plants; secondary metabolites are ...
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Nowadays layer breeds show a steadily increasing persistency and prolonged lifetime production period. This is mainly due to genetic improvements but nevertheless, management and especially nutrition of the nowadays highly prolific layer birds need to ensure respectively support those benefits mentioned before. Modern layer hybrids are a four-line-cross with a long breeding history and show a ver ...
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October 1, 2011
Location:Palembang, Sumatera Selatan, Indonesia
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Professional Title: Doctor in animal science
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