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This article was discussed by Prof. Dr M Subhan Qurshi in our class yesterdy. The article is very informative but there is one question that who we would know or quantify that level of mycotoxin in feed stuff that are responsible for MIP and CMIP and what is that standard level for large ruminants
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This article was discussed by Porf. Dr. M.S Qureshi in our class yesterday, he explain it breifly. The articles tells us that high temperature and humidity cause heat stress, due to which DMI decreases then VFA decreases which result in acidosis due to which production decreases. To combat heat stress in dairy cow it is recomended to supplement fat, monensin, organic salt and yeast during feeding ...
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This article provides knoweledge about how to controll NEB to improve the productivity and reproduction of the animals. According to our previous lecture given by our faculty Dean, Prof, Dr M. Subhan Qureshi on NEB, our knoweledge about this topic increased by studying this articles. Thanks and appreciation to the author by doing such a great work.
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September 28, 2011
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