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Too much energy deficiency and poor BCS are main nutritional reasons for stillbirth
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Minimising the prepartum DMI depression and maximising the postpartum DMI while maintaining the optimum rumen function is the key for successful transition period management. Vit E and mineral levels are also important.
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In bilogical treatment of straws the main problem is the loss of DM or OM. In certain cases loss may be as high as 30[percent]. So for any treatment the improvement in digestibility should be interpreted alongwith loss of DM.
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For dairy animals feeding most important aspect is the quality roughage either green or silage or hay. We can not feed low quality roughage like wheat straw to high producing animals.
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The biggest issue about mycotoxins is there presence in milk. The level of mycotoxins in feed directly influence its level in the milk posing a serious threat to the health of children. Maize and rice bran are the biggest culprit. If maize is replaced with wheat in animal feed then the level of aflatoxin in milk was with in permissible limit. The toxin binder also helps in reducing the level in mi ...
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Growth rate of heifers of dairy breeds determines not only age of first calving, but also the milk production potential. Holstein heifers perform better if growth rate up to puberty is around 800 gm/d. Too high growth rate affects the udder development adversely. Most crucial period for milk secretory cell proliferation is from 3 months to 12 months, and last 3 months of pregnancy.
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In addition to the points listed in the article for prevention of pneumonia, feeding of clostridium within first 2 hours of birth is also important. The calves weaned from birth are more susceptible as compared to calves that are allowed suckling for first few days.
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About 1/3rd cases of mastitis occur during first ten days of calving. Nutrients like vit E, micro minerals, etc plays very important role in occurence of mastitis. Povidine mixed with double the quantity of glycerine makes a very effective and economical teat dip.
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Feeding has significant role in lameness incidences. But floor surface, area per cow are also important. Wet and muddy floor surface increases the chances of infectious lameness.
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Mineral content of forages is highly variable and, apart from plant species, is determined by the conc. of mineral in soil. Modern dairy cow requires mineral well above the minimum requirement for prevention of deficiency. So supplementation is used as a tool for highest possible production.
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