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Feed is the last thing that must be changed. The most important rearing factors to be looked at are: temperature, ventilation, stocking density, number of feeders (birds per feeder) and quality of feed. at this stage you can separate the birds but ensure that the birds have enough feeders.
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to reach maximum weight in 35 -42 weeks you must feed the chickens ad lib. you feed the chickens a starter feed containing 22 -24 CP% for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks you change to a grower with a CP% of 20 and the for the last week if you slaughter at 5 weeks or the last 2 weeks if you slaughter at 6 weeks a finisher feed containing a CP% of 18.
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This is a very informative publication which will assist someone that wants to start to keep backyard chickens.
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I agree with Dr. Rahu and Manyanyil, vent pecking is the cause of bad management especially overcrowding, light intensity inadequate feeders and drinkers. Normally a farmer will buy the correct balanced feed from a company. if other farmers that buy their feed from the same company does not have the same problem the problem is not feed related but management orientated. Jan Grobbelaar S ...
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