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1. Introduction Crop husbandry and animal husbandry are two main pillars of Indian agriculture which play crucial role in Indian economy. Animal husbandry particularly dairy development has great potential and prospects for eradicating rural poverty and bringing the rural masses above poverty line. Dairy development can provide employment opportunity to earn livelihood for weaker strata of societ ...
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Forages make up 45 to 95 percent of the feed that dairy animals receive on a farm. We usually think in terms of just the lactating cows. It is more difficult to think in terms of the whole herd in terms of the forage needs for the farm on an annual basis. Forages are the single-most important feed that we feed on the farm and the most variable in quality. It is critical to the profitable success ...
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Good Day Mr Undersander, a quick question for you. As you write in your article "The big advantages of NIR are that it is much less expensive and more repeatable. Therefore a farmer would get better results by running multiple samples by NIR than a single sample by wet chemistry when the cost would be the same or less.", why in your opinion are farmers still so reluctant in buying Nir devices for ...
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I'm very happy to hear of this! How can I get in touch with these people? We have harware and software solutions integrated with NIR analysis directly in the farms that can bring really added value to the farms and to the consultants - nutritionists involved in Dairy segment.
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