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“There is a global loss of about 2.4 billion US dollars in poultry industry alone due to coccidian infections”. Each year, over 50 billion chickens are raised as a source of meat, accounting for over one-third of protein food for humans. Avian coccidiosis is one of the important disease, which causes harm to the industry throughout the world. The infectious protozoan disease cause ...
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In response to the question on whether to start chicks on feed or water first, chicks should have both. Feed and water consumption are highly correlated. So eating will encourage drinking and drinking will encourage eating. Both feed consumption and water consumption have been shown to up-regulate intestinal secretions and intestinal development. In addition, both feed and water intake have be ...
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Antibiotic free production should soon be implemented around the world. This must be started by feed industry to produce antibiotic free feed. Probiotic prebiotic n other natural additive shoul be included in complete feed in replacement of antibiotics.
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can you give more information on Camelina plants and meal? How does it look like, its protein content, crude fibre and dry matter content as well. Retno Murwani, PhD Fac Anim Sci. Diponegoro Univ Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia
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