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Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
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Nice Artical
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It is seen that flocks having body weight more than 160 at 7th day of age faced less respiratory problems (H9 influenza) as compared with flocks gained 150 or less at 7th day of age or having ratio of 7th day to doc weight is less than 3.8 (150/40 =3.75)
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Perfect analysis of Exhaust fans types , its really very useful for broiler house managers and helpful in designing and planning of houses for future.
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Aoa when outside Rh exceeded from 50 % with 38 C out side temp,it become very difficult to remove the moisture from the inside of the house.As bird is continuously omitting moisture inside of the house in the form of his own oral evaporation and in feaces. In such type of situations with doing all the good things as explaind in above all coments we could maintain the temperature at 29.5 C with RH ...
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